Stars - the real pictures
- taking astronomy back to its roots -
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Stars - the real pictures
by Nick Addey
This fascinating book is about using star and constellation names to rediscover the shapes our ancestors saw in the stars. Woven into mythology names such as Ursa Major, the Great Bear, and Sirius, aka the Dog Star, have survived the centuries though their images were thought lost.
Nick has relied on careful observation of both stars and earthly reality to find awesome pictures which bring the night sky vividly alive.
Format: Hardback, 48 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9560460-0-0
Published by Little Pig Publications
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Page 1 from Stars - The real pictures
Page 1 from Stars - The real pictures
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Introduction from  'Stars - the Real Pictures'
The Star
Over the years there has been much speculation regarding the nature of the Star of Bethlehem. All of it based, seemingly, on the notion that it was a real cosmic occurrence. The same type of speculation will probably surround Harry Potter and his broomstick in five hundred years time.
Our ancestors surely loved fantasy, as we do today, and by recognising real star pictures we can see how they created their stories.
To learn how to see the Star click here.
Star Shows
Specifically for schools, though suitable for all, Nick is now presenting a series of nursery rhyme-based shows in Schull Planetarium. If you ever wanted to see a Weasel go Pop! or pondered the curious tale of the Three Blind Mice then contact us  for more details.
About the Author
Nick lives in Ireland where horizons are wide and skies largely unpolluted.
He keeps goats, donkeys, occasionally pigs and, when the fox allows, ducks.
Pastimes include windsurfing and gardening.
Worktimes include running a summer kayaking business.
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Little Pig Star Books - Nursery rhymes in the night sky
While 'Stars - the Real Pictures' shows how star-pictures can be found, the Little Pig Star Books reveal how such pictures were crafted, cartoon-style, into stories and rhymes.

Since star patterns now are basically the same as they were 'in ancient times', it is quite possible to step back into the past. Gaze up at the stars and, with practise, you can read/see the rhymes and stories, as they were read/seen, by our ancestors. Imagine - the night sky is a cosmic T.V. with playback!

At some point, however, the star-pictures faded (Little Pig says a Great Darkness came and covered the land) and, though the words remained, the real pictures were lost.

Little Pig Star Books, in conjunction with 'the Real Pictures', are a way back to the glory nights of long ago.
Designed with adults and children in mind these books make the stars fun to learn and easy to remember.
Little Pig Star Books - titles to come:
Book 1 - The Lion and the Unicorn
The Lion and the Unicorn
Book 2 - Jack & Jill
Jack and Jill
Book 3 - Three Blind Mice
Three Blind Mice
Pop! goes the weasel
Book 4 - Goosey, goosey Gander
Goosey, goosey gander

Coming soon!

The Loch Ness
Monster Myth
Book X - The Great Darkness
Book X
In the pipeline
- Hey, diddle, diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle
- Humpty Dumpty!
Little Pig Star Books show you how to find stars...
...and then bring them alive!
Little Pig Publications
- astronomy: from Greek astronomos, 'star-arranging' -
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